About Us

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NE SA Marble LLC has founded a modern plant at Sivas Industrial Zone in 2013. With a close pursuit of new technology, and with the developments in the marble industry.

The first division is for the production of marble and travertine slabs, whereas the second is for the production of dimensional stones and tiles, and the third for antiquated products, mosaic and fabricated stone.

NE SA Marble Company, as an integrated facility, meets most of its raw material needs from its own quarries and offers a wide range of colour and product spectrum for its customers. Moreover, many types of surface processing and many special fabrication options are currently applicable in our plant.

The most approved stones Sivas Cherry, Sivas Spider Grey, Sivas White Marble and Sivas Travertine are being processed by NE SA Marble. Having a wide range of products and many different surfaces finish NE SA Marble exports at 75% of its finished products to more than 50 countries mainly to the China, Iraq, USA Saudi Arabia and the rest 25% is being used for prestigious projects in the domestic market.

Aiming the customer satisfaction at the highest possible level, NE SA Marble with its wide variety of high quality products has signed many large projects. Having realized many projects became a preferable company for marble business and is nominated to sign new projects.

In the light of this knowledge and experience to help you with professional and willing to provide added value to our production sector.